Shanghai Moments VR animation Trailer (30’s)

“Shanghai Moments" : Journey through the old streets of Shanghai where a girl lives and experiences her dream world. Don’t miss the twist: who is actually controlling the real and dream worlds?

Shanghai Moments is a short animated film made inside of Virtual Reality. I drawn and animated in VR using Oculus Quill. It was a very special experience for me.
The animation needs to be viewed by clicking the thumbstick. You can jump to the next spawn area to watch the content of the scene by clicking the thumbstick. All scenes are connected together to be a short story. 

Collaboration with:
MeshMinds(Singapore) & Facebook Oculus

Feinaki 2021 Beijing Animation Week Exhibition Unit in 2021, Beijing
Feinaki 2020 Beijing Animation Week Paradise Lost Unit in 2020, Beijing
China International Import Expo in 2019, Shanghai

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